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This website does more than just give you great ideas - it will give you free baby shower stuff!

Bookmark this website and remember to check back often, as I am planning to put some more free baby shower stuff here in the near future.

free baby shower raffle ticketsThe first item I have to offer is a set of the ever-popular Baby Shower Raffle Tickets. Use them as door prizes for your guests.

There are 48 raffle tickets in total with 24 different pictures. Each ticket has its own unique raffle ticket number, so guests don't have to write their name on the ticket - you simply call out the number to determine the winner.

Instead of just passing them out to guests, you can also use the raffle tickets to raise money for the Mom-to-Be and the new baby. Just ask guests to purchase the raffle tickets, usually for $1 to $5 each, and give the money to the Mom.

Door prizes can be anything you like. For some ideas, see Baby Shower Favor Ideas.

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