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Baby Shower Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Baby Shower Favors are a nice way to thank your guests for participating in the baby shower. Depending upon your particular culture or the region of country that you live in, baby shower baby shower favorfavors may or may not be popular. For instance, growing up in southern Louisiana, I've never received a party favor from a baby shower.

There are no rules when it comes to baby shower party favors. Be creative and try to match the theme or mood of the baby shower if you can. Favors can be fun, frivolous, expensive, elegant, practical, or delicious. It's whatever you decide.

The favors listed below are nice by themselves, but you can always dress them up with a little blue and pink bow, lace, tulle, or note card to say "Thank You."

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

  • Baby bottles filled with anything (candy, nuts, bath salts, powder, potpourri)
  • Baby Sock Roses
  • Lotions
  • Scented Candles
  • Bath soaps
  • Bath salts
  • Aromatherapy oils
  • Picture frames
  • Candy bars wrapped with your own design
  • Candy suckers that look like pacifiers
  • Gourmet chocolates
  • Potpourri or candy wrapped in tulle
  • Small plants
  • Seed packets
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Classical music CDs
  • DVD movies (Parent Trap, Parenthood, 9 Months)
  • Sheets of stickers or decals
  • Coupon for a manicure
  • Photo albums
  • Photographs of Pregnant Mom
  • Polaroid (or digital pictures) of guests with Mom-to-Be
  • Book marks
  • Personalized bubbles
  • Bottles of wine
  • Wine glass charms or stoppers
  • Specialty food items (jams, olive oils, sauces)
  • Fortune cookies with customized fortunes
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Gift books
  • Inexpensive costume jewelry
  • Stuffed animals
  • Small toys (slinkys, rubber ducks, yo-yos)
  • Personalized match books
  • Sleep masks
  • Stationery
  • Address books
  • Note pads
  • Note cards
  • Small pampering items (nail polish, brush/comb set)
  • Tea cup and tea bags
  • Kitchen items (cookie cutters, measuring spoons, recipe cards)
  • Gift certificates (restaurants, stores, video rentals)
  • Ceramic or crystal figurines
  • Lipstick cases
  • Decorative jewelry boxes
  • Poem printed on parchment paper
  • Movie tickets
  • Animal cookies or toddler cookies tied in tulle

Here's a great tip: Use any of these baby shower favor ideas as prizes for the winners of your baby shower games.

Where to Find Baby Shower Favors

baby shower favorBaby shower favors can be made, bought, or donated (from local restaurants or shops).

Many baby shower favors can be easily made, such as wrapping candy or potpourri in tulle or buying small baskets and filling them with items.

If you're on a budget, buy items in bulk from wholesale clubs. If you're not very creative, learn how to make bows from a local florist. If all else fails, you'll just have to buy the favors, which isn't a bad thing, since there are so many to choose from in all price ranges.

Shopping for your favors is pretty easy, since you'll find baby shower favors just about anywhere:

  • Gift shops
  • Party supply stores
  • Dollar stores/discount stores
  • Craft stores
  • Fabric stores
  • Floral stores
  • Stationery stores
  • Department stores
  • Toy stores
  • Gourmet food shops
  • Chocolate or Candy stores
  • Wholesale club stores

Online Resources

If you're a little stressed about finding favors, online shopping is a real time-saver. I've already researched some great sites that offer great baby shower favors:

wrap candyAdorable Candy Wrapping Paper at - My favorite baby shower favors are the personalized candy wrappers. This site has a great selection of the wrappers for Regualar and Miniture sized candy bars. Plus they offer Baby Shower Favor Tins with personalized white labels. The have a good selection of pre-designed wrappers and tins which include your names, baby shower date, and graphic. Check it out.


wrap candy softwareMake Your Own Candy Wrapping Paper at - If you are a Do-It-Yourself type, go here to get a CD that lets you Make Candy Bar Wrappers for Fun or Profit. All you need is a color printer, a computer, adhesive, regular or photo paper, and their "Stand Alone" Candy Wrapper Software. They even include over 1200 graphics that you can use royalty free. As a bonus, you'll also be able to make matchbook covers, bumper stickers, and play doh stickers and more with this CD.


Candle favorsHot & Trendy Favors by - This site has very elegant favors and lots to choose from. I absolutely love their selection of soaps, candles, and personalized ribbons. They also have Favor Supplies for you to make your own favors. Even though they are a wedding favor site, most of the items will work for a baby shower. This site is my first choice for classy baby shower favors.




Favor FrameGreat Chocolates and Favor Supplies at - I like this site because they have an extensive selection of baby shower favors, including chocolate and candy favors. If you want to make your own favors, they also carry supplies, such as specialty tulle, bags, and boxes.


lollipop - Cute baby shower party favors at affordable prices. Includes Lollipops, Jelly Bellies, candles, note pads, lotions, and more. Check out this site.


baby shower duckie candleBaby Shower Party Supplies at Super selection of baby shower goodies, such as favors, decorations, banners, balloons, yard signs, and tableware.

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